How to Participate

Christmas is for Kids makes it easy to provide Christmas cheer for local needy children! Follow these easy steps to make a difference in your community this Holiday season!

Step One: Select a child to buy a gift for.

Use our Search page to find and select a child to purchase a gift for. Click the green “Buy for This Child” link near their name.

If the child has siblings, you will be asked if you want to sponsor any of their siblings as well. Here, you will have the opportunity to select siblings for sponsorship. Click “continue” once you’ve selected all the children you’d like to sponsor.

 Step Two: Sponsorship Review

Review the wishes of the children you’ve selected to sponsor. On this page, you can remove children from your sponsorship, sponsor more children with the “Buy for More Children” link, or continue with the “Buy for These Children” link.

 Step Three: Proceed

Read the information on the “Buy for Child” page. This includes some instructions for moving forward.

 Step Four: Register to Buy a Gift (or Gifts)

This page will collect some basic information. You can sponsor your child’s Christmas gift by giving a cash, check, or PayPal donation. You can also choose to purchase the requested gift and drop it off at the agency indicated.

Enter your contact information, and click â€śFinalize Gift Sponsorship.” At this point, the child or children that you have selected for sponsorship will be removed from the Christmas is for Kids website, and you will be responsible for making their wish come true!

If you choose to shop for your child’s gift with the â€śPurchasing Gifts” option, you will be given the opportunity to download a PDF on the final confirmation page. This PDF will have all of the information you need in order to move forward with your sponsorship!

Step Five: Purchase Gift

If you have chosen to shop for your child’s gift, now is the time to go shopping! Look for further instructions like colors or sizes if applicable. These details can be found in your confirmation PDF.  If you’ve entered your email address correctly, the Christmas is for Kids website will also send you an automatic email with the details of your sponsorship.

Step Six: Drop Gift Off

Christmas is for Kids represents several area agencies that help the needy, so there are a few different drop-off locations! Look at your confirmation information to find the appropriate drop-off location and drop-off-by-date. Sending your gift by the deadline to the correct drop-off location helps ensure that your sponsored child will receive their gift!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us here! Thank you for your generosity, and have a magical holiday season.